Oakland, CA

Healing, Transformation, and Leadership work


Maggie W.

Working with Paola is an incredible experience - she brings a tremendous amount of love, joy, and open heartedness to her clients. Paola has helped me identify and articulate shifts that I want to make, new actions I want to take and then helped me locate what in body needs to change - expand, soften, relax - in order for those shifts to be possible. I walk away from each session with a clear connection to a place in my body that I can focus on, come back to, practice shifting as a way to make that new action more attainable. And Paola always reminds me to connect with the larger for sake of what - the bigger reason or motivation or yearning for why I'm taking this risk and trying this new move. Paola is a lover of people and a believer in our ability to transform - it's a gift to carry that love and belief with me after our sessions together. 

Debra L.

You will know immediately that Paola is your ally and she will guide you toward the changes you want to make. Paola's skilled, compassionate and intuitive approach to our work together creates a deep trust. I have developed a profound respect for just how insidious old patterns and traumas can be in our lives.  Working with Paola has helped me shift these patterns, replacing them with practices that support me in being my authentic self and expressing that in the world.


Paola approaches her somatic work not only with integrity and commitment, but also with a gentleness, a palpable caring, that
works to create the kind of supportive container we all need for deeper forms of healing and transformation. She has helped me to reconnect to parts of myself that have long been inaccessible, to begin the work of healing from trauma and loss, and to develop both a vision of the person I want to move towards being and faith in my capacity to undertake this transformative journey. I can't overstate my gratitude and respect for her.


Working with Paola over Skype has been an amazing experience. The progression of my own somatic awareness and depth of my commitment has grown immensely over the past 6 months.  Paola has this amazing ability to tune into the moment, to feel what I am experiencing, and to use that information to present practices that really touch deep into the work I am in. She also rolls with what we have; adapting practices to be useful and impactful over Skype- whether or not the camera is working. What a lesson to be separated by thousands of miles and still to be able to feel Paola at my side and at my back.


Paola has helped me with so many things!  I've been seeing her for a few years now and I think overall the most helpful thing has been the larger, more spiritual perspective that she brings to my life, something that I wouldn't give myself permission to have otherwise.  She's also helped me to trust myself, feel strong emotions without getting completely overwhelmed, and to have stronger relationships by setting good boundaries with myself and others.  I know that my life is significantly better because of the time I've spent with Paola, and I'm very grateful for all of the support and stability she has brought to my life!


Paola has positively and drastically helped me to change my life in chosen directions. I was able to immediately trust Paola, and our deep connection allows for a welcoming environment. My resounding happiness and confidence was made possible by the strength, wisdom, and courage I draw from her. We began by establishing goals and ideas for my ideal self and set to work, integrating exercises, role-playing, somatic bodywork and centering to open my life to a wider range of emotion and interaction with the world. The practice we have built together has shaped my life in ways I never imagined were possible. Paola works with a powerful grace and spirit. Her care for clients is clear in everything we do together. After six months, my loved ones and I made incredible improvements in communication and overall fulfillment. I am so thankful to have found such a gem.